Keen + Wolf + Quake + Justice = LMAO

Sat, Mar 3rd, 2001 | 4:00pm

So I happened to come across, in my travels, the shareware version of the original Commander Keen. I downloaded it and played around a bit for fun. 16-color EGA graphics and PC-Speaker sound ... 00rt, baby!

The rest of the game was only half as amusing as what I found under "Previews" at the main menu:


As our follow-up to the Commander Keen trilogy, Id Software is working on
"The Fight for Justice": a completely new approach to fantasy gaming. You
start not as a weakling with no food--you start as Quake, the strongest,
most dangerous person on the continent. You start off with a Hammer of
Thunderbolts, a Ring of Regeneration, and a trans-dimensional artifact. Here
the fun begins. You fight for Justice, a secret organization devoted to
vanquishing evil from the land! This is role-playing excitement.

And you don't chunk around the screen. "The Fight for Justice" contains fully
animated scrolling backgrounds. All the people you meet have their own
lives, personalities, and objectives. A 256-color VGA version
will be available (smooth scrolling 256-color screens--fancy that)!

And the depth of play will be intense. No more "whack whack here's some
gold." There will be interesting puzzles and decisions won't be "yes/no" but
complex correlations of people and events.

"The Fight for Justice" will be the finest PC game yet.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait. Smooth scrolling 256-color screens ... fancy that! :D