Lunaran in UT

Sat, Apr 14th, 2001 | 2:54pm

The parade of Lun3DM2-textured maps continues. Unreal Tournament mapper Mame is working on a vertically vivacious UT map (screenshot | screenshot | screenshot) using the Lun3DM2 textures, which he has also quite kindly converted to unreal's UTX format for anyone who wants 'em (alternate non-fartPlanet download). And, if that's not enough <a href>s for you, Mame reccomends - fun for the whole family!

Funny. I thought the Lun3DM1 theme would be way more popular. Although, there is this. Looks familiar, does it?

MIRC QuoteoftheDay:

<inermapping> hey guys, i have to tell you something
<inermapping> it's been bugging me for a long time
<inermapping> i shouldn't say it tho
<Lunaran> Say it!
<inermapping> so i guess i wont
<Lunaran> It's the internet! No consequences!
<Lunaran> Tell us!
<Lunaran> PLEASE!!?
* Lunaran grovels at inertia's feet
<inermapping> well, the consequences can only be so serious
<inermapping> alright then
<Lunaran> Yay!
<inermapping> shambler, well
<inermapping> is my aunt
<inermapping> :(