Lunaran's Crystal Bal

Mon, Apr 30th, 2001 | 9:01pm

Couple different items to relate.

First, Mame released his LDBST textured UT map a while ago. Also, Chicoverde's formerly Lun3DM1esque UT tourney map got snowed in, and looks decidedly cooler now for it. :)

Second, I'm really glad I put that random quote thing in. I'm enjoying being able to just write down whatever brain fart or random movie quote I may think of during the day and just stick it in the .inc. Yeah.

Also, I have prepared a rough timeline of how I'll be dividing my time between current projects in the future.
4.30.2001 - 5.11.2001: Deal with classwork up until my last AP exam. AP exams mark the end of work in all of my actual serious classes, so school basically ends for me next week.
5.04.2001 - 5.20.2001: Use up as much time as possible finally finishing up my contract work. It's taken way longer than I ever expected or wanted it to, and considering how much time I've had to spend on it at all thanks to Real Life™ in retrospect it was stupid taking it on in the first place, even when I did (early August).
5.20.2001 - 9.01.2001?: After that's all out of the way I should have nothing other than wherever I work this summer to interfere with The Big Project Of Sandy Coriolis-Powered Doom™. While September 1st is a release date shakier than Dubya's grasp on the finer aspects of the American Language, I'll throw it out just the same. The only real release date I'm ever going to hold myself to, however, is the proverbial "When It Gone Done Be Finished."

I may also stick in another DM map in there just to get something released to the community so they don't all forget poor old Mr. Moon over here.

And, for the benefit of those of you who don't visit QMap, which BTW recently celebrated it's 100th database failure, I've created two fake Coriolis Force screenshots. The first one is just an oranged photo of some desert scene in Morocco that I pulled out of a directory I filled with desert landscape pics I pull out of for inspiration, and is fake. The second one, well, you'll just have to look at it, which is fake.

One last thing. I am aware that on the Contact Me page I make reference to Lun3DM3. That's a typo. There is no Lun3DM3. However, if there were, I'm sure the bots would have trouble with it all the same.