Fern Explains All

Sun, May 6th, 2001 | 11:10pm

As many of you know, Fern's recent retirement from mapping and gaming came as a surprise, a disappointment, and a big question mark. He quits QMap and opens www.atheismisamyth.com - is he full of shit or what?

Well, see for yourself in my interview with him.

I had drawn a rather merciless #tf comic about Fern's choice and religion in general, but after talking to him I decided I'd rather not. Fern is actually indirectly responsible for the #tf comic anyway, seeing as he forced me into drawing the first few by beating me to it. :) It probably wouldn't be fair to use that venue to take a parting shot at him.

I'm 0 for 2 on the comic thing right now: the one with Fern as well as another one about my contract work they reccomended I not post as it was too revealing about the project. :)