Huge Retro Texture Release

Wed, May 23rd, 2001 | 5:03pm

Just recently I discovered a zip file on my hard drive titled Intrigued, I opened it up to discover a whole magically wonderful plethora of textures for Q2 I remember doing but never starting/finishing a map with. (I was real bad about finishing maps back then.) I've decided, since I'm so damn cool, to release everything in a giant collection. The 1MB file can be downloaded here.

There are five main sections to this collection.

  • LunQ2-Hangar: According to the dates on the files, I spent about ten months in 1999 expanding the Hangar texture set. It was such an awesome set but there wasn't much to it, and after seeing how coolly Xatrix utilized it in "The Reckoning" I decided to expand it heavily enough to make a really awesome map with. I never finished the map, obviously, but I do still have it. It's not very interesting gameplay- and layout-wise though ... See samples.
  • LunQ2-LBase: Also inspired both by Xatrix and by SleepWalkR's "Pain Elemental", as well as the really cool visuals in maps like Closed Particle Loop by "Drizzt" McLoed, I created my own set of real cool base textures, which I never used in anything. You can see strong shades of the Lun3DM2 textures here. See samples.
  • LunQ2-LDBST: Which brings me to this directory. Lun3DM2 was originally a Quake2 map, which I half-finished and later built for Quake3. These are the textures I was using for this map back in those days. note that this set is not complete - you'll have to use it along with the dark blackish pill_ textures from e1u2 and the blue jaildr striptlights from e3u3. You'll also notice that the Sam'N'Max paraphernalia is quite a bit more pronounced in this map. :) See samples.
  • LunQ2-Misc: Just some extra stuff - all additions to various q2 texture sets.
  • LunQ1-Slab: Apparently I had wanted to build a Quake1 map at some point, but apparently I never got very far since I don't remember it, can't find the map, and only have this fairly half-complete wad of Q1 textures for it. Yes, these are Quake ONE textures. They're kind of a reddish half-brother to Hidden Agenda, but lack any kind of good support/trim textures. It's all walls here. They do go very well with the Q1 copper textures from Episode1, though ... See samples.

    I would love to see any/all of the included Q2 textures, along with any native Q2 counterparts, converted and used in a Quake1 map. No, I'm not providing the wads myself - all you have to do is get TexMex and do it yourself.