Lun3DM3 Soon

Tue, Jun 19th, 2001 | 4:18pm

As the subject suggests, I'll be releasing Lun3DM3 - "A Load of Useless Bloody Loonies" - very shortly. The last of the beta testing feedback has come in (special thanks to xfoo), and she's about as good as she's gonna get. I've got some hard drive stuff to deal with at the moment but as soon as that's ready there's only one or two tiny fixes left to make to the maps (yes, maps) and she'll be ready to go.

A bit of preperatory info for you: Lun3DM3 will include 2 BSP's. One is for vanilla Quake3 deathmatch/tourney, and a second is specifically tweaked and designed for use with Challenge Pro Mode Arena. They're both the same map, except for minor differences in item placement, a few changed proportions, heights, teleporter locations, things like that.

One last thing: LordSquart, I accidentally deleted whatever you e-mailed me before I could read it. It was nestled into the list right in the middle of a bunch of spam so I only noticed it once it was too late. :p