Lun3DM3 ReReleased

Sat, Jun 23rd, 2001 | 9:17pm

Well, I was hoping to escape the tradition of last-minute fixes and reuploads with Lun3DM3 but apparently not this time. Both CPM-Newbie and Nunuk have informed me that putting bot files in the same pk3 as the map will cause servers that randomly add bots to crash because the users won't have the bots. I have therefore reuploaded with three pk3's: lun3dm3.pk3, lun3dm3-cpm.pk3, and lun3dm3-bots.pk3. If you downloaded the file before 10:30 US Eastern on 6/23 (that's 3:30 AM GMT on 6/24), please re-download it (or just move the botfiles into a separate pk3 if you're among the mechanically inclined). This isn't as important for some users, but it's of great importance for server ops and for clients who play on pure servers. Apologies for making you re-download a 6 meg file, but hey, at least you don't have to wait in line for it. *shameless rimshot*

Head back to the maps page or just grab Lun3DM3 directly.

Damn, I think my news update script has been dating everything two hours too soon for the past couple of months. Crap.