Coriolis Force Stuffin

Thu, Jul 12th, 2001 | 12:32am

After some hemming and hawing, I've come to the conclusion that it's best to just cool off on Coriolis Force. Considering the project's scale, it isn't vitally important that we have skinners, coders, modellers, texturers, and mappers all working hard at the same time. Ideally, we can do a lot of stuff that we do know how to do, and once we have sufficient maps and nifties to show off and convince people we are in fact serious, we'll have a much easier time finding skinners or coders.

Speaking of all this CF stuff, I've put up a short explanation teaser page about Coriolis Force. Whenever someone asks what CF is in IRC I can just give them that URL and answer the questions. I am likely to add a little news section/plan file updater to that page that the rest of the crew and I can use to provide infos now and then. Not sure how much they'd use it or even if I could get it to work

Important information from the page that lazy people who can't be arsed wouldn't otherwise see:

  • Wild-guess release date lands someplace around Thanksgiving. That varies quite a lot and if we're not done by then, then we're not going to release it then.
  • I'm still not releasing tons of screenshots because that'll spoil the eventual game. Considering it's only a six map add-on (tentatively), you aren't getting a full 24 hours of gameplay out of it like you would something like Duke4.

    Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me or found some other way to communicate advice to me about dealing with CF.

    Also, thanks to Grindspire for being the first to point out that I'm stupid and didn't close the blockquote tag at the end of this update, thereby forcing me to get the news changer script I wrote ten years ago to actually work. the error? A stray ) in the mySQL query. :p

    Amusing IRC Snippet 'O the Moment

    I don't like it any more so it's gone. And Scampie posted the same thing at QMap anyway. Darn him.