Back Online ... again

Fri, Aug 24th, 2001 | 10:16am

Well, Fragland hit yet another wonderful three or four day down time. They're gracious hosts and give me a very large room to sleep in, but the bed keeps breaking ...

Bits o' news:

  • New #terrafusion comic! Featuring Drew Carey!
  • Work on Coriolis Force continues unabated, for those of you who know what "unabated" means. Kamarov, author of the wet and wintry Q3DM "Discontent" has joined the team. His addition to the team is a landmark, because the extra level he's providing has actually moved the release date up before the Second Coming. Yay! Plus, now that Fragland's back up, I can actually, gasp, give him the textures.
  • For what it's worth, I still need a skinner. I think I mentioned that, though.
  • Now I'm just being silly because I didn't really have enough news to warrant using bullet points.

    Without further ado, Fragland will now proceed to break once more, thus hiding this mildly sarcastic update from the prying eyes of an inquisitive world.