DoW - Coriolis Force

Jun 17, 2005

On a lark one weekend I decided to explore the Dawn of War map editor. It took some different thinking on my part about texturing - I was expecting textures to, you know, tile, like an FPS. Instead there's just one tile for the whole map that's layered with tons of fuzzy alpha-mapped decals. The map designs themselves are pretty easy to do well if you have the slightest idea how not to irritate an RTS player, however.

"You fight for this wasteland merely to keep it from the enemy, and hope they have a better reason." Map is centered around - surprise - an abandoned and heavily shelled fortress on a dried out, wind-swept ball of sand. My focus was on taking the often critical midground of a map this size, and making it visually discrete by actually making it look like something you'd try to hold and defend.

This map is best for 3-6 player skirmishes or 3-6 player take and hold. 2+ man team games may not be ideal if you have trouble with sharing a relic with a teammate, because of their number and placement (3, one between each pair of starts).

Ironic that the arid orange desert theme has traveled from Q3DM to Q3SP and is now back where it started, as an RTS map.